Traditional Ties

Just because.

If you are looking for a traditional Karate Gi, we don't need to explain these! 

If you haven't had them before, apart from the tie points, the gaps on the side of the pants give you extra ventilation, which is great!

Cotton Duck Canvas

Durable (and kind of comfortable).

The fabric requires no special care and is able to take weatherproofing.  It is easy to wash and sew.

Unlike synthetic canvas, cotton duck allows air and moisture to pass through, allowing the fabric to 'breathe',  If you are looking for the best Karate Gi, this feature is great!

Triple Stitched


All seams on the Karate uniforms are stitched with at least three rows.  This makes our Gis strong, if you are looking for a heavyweight Karate Gi, or a lightweight Karate uniform, if you want it to be strong, you want it to be triple stitched.

The Gi is nice and strong and surprisingly cool as well will be interested in ordering another one soon!"

- Edward Smith

It does what I want it to do.  A good Gi.

- Ryan Davey

"I had a bit of trouble trying to find information about Gi's and what I should be looking for.  I had a look at your site and it summed up what I was looking for.  I took a chance and bought a Gi, and it's great!"

- Frank Chenon


Let the air flow. 

Two holes under each armpit provide additional airflow, slits on the hip - Great to keep you cool during the warmer training sessions!

Karate Gi Size Chart

Karate uniform sizes available (and recommended heights based on average physique):

Size 000/110-119cm Height

Size 00/120-129cm Height

Size 0/130-139cm Height

Size 1/140-149cm Height

Size 2/150-159cm Height

Size 3/160-169cm Height

Size 4/170-179cm Height

Size 5/180-189cmHeight

Size 6/190-199cm Height

Size 7/200-209cm Height

12 & 16oz Karate Gi Measurements

Please note: There will be shrinkage of 3% after several washes.

Choose Your Style and Weight

"Thank you.  My husbands gi arrived Friday.  He was very impressed that I bought him something that he would like and use.  He was happy with quality and craftsmanship.  Thankyou for your exceptional customer service in arranging delivery so quickly."

- Sonja Davidson

Gi Karate & Gi for Karate

Gi karate is available in different sizes and one should also check the size of it before selecting any gi. The size of gi karate is different from the sizes of regular clothes and the reason for this difference is that gi is not a regular uniform and its structure is different from the regular clothes. Therefore one should first check about different gi for karate sizes that are available and then search which size will be most suitable for him.