What you should be looking for in the Best Karate Gi

The best Karate Gis use Cotton duck canvas of course. (Don't bother with polyester)

Cotton duck is a plain heavy woven 100% cotton fabric.  It is woven using two yarns of cotton together in the warp.

Cotton duck is a durable fabric which is easy to wash and sew, making it an ideal heavyweight Karate Gi.  This makes it ideal to recover from any situation your training can throw at it.


It does not require special care, and takes weatherproofing treatments easily if you want to do that.


Unlike synthetic canvases, duck cloth “breathes” which is a main feature in the best Karate Gis.  This allows air and moisture to pass through easily.  Not only is it a durable it is more comfortable than most synthetic Karate uniforms you will find out there.


And it you care for the environment, Cotton Duck Canvas is made from natural fibre, so it requires little petroleum to produce.

You probably want a double, triple or gold stitched Gi


Many people make the mistake of buying a cheap single stitched Gi.  One of the biggest requirements of a Gi is durability.


Single stitched Gis just don't cut it.


Stick with at least a doubled stitched Gi.  If you are serious about training you don't want to be replacing or repairing your Gi often.

Triple stitched Gis are the best, as they have 3x the stitching than a single stitched Gi.